Dr. Ken And Others Still Unaccounted For.

Artist's conception of the sinking of the S.S. Heartbreak Tórshavri, Faeroe Islands (CCKP) -- The wooden-constructed and potash-laced steamboat, the S.S. Heartbreak, has gone under after getting caught in the North Sea's treacherous spring ice floes. Most of the passengers have been rescued by the coast guard, but photographs taken at the scene by an anonymous Russian whaling vessel revealed a still stranded medical practicioner and brown-haired horse. It has been rumored that the doctor is the CCK Central Campus's school nurse, Dr. Ken.

Note: Dr. Ken had previously been in Otto, Norway, providing his services for EROTIC WEEK; a 7-day escapade dedicated to starcrossed lovers hoping to cash in on the Millenium hype.

The brown-haired horse on the other hand, is a rather more shady character; it is unclear where he came from, and quite frankly, why the hell he was on the steamboat in the first place.

Stay tuned for later developments.

As a precautionary measure, CCK Supreme Chancellor, Sheldon M. MacKinnon, will be flying out at the crack of sunrise to lend his support to the search effort. In his own words:

Digitally-enhanced section of photograph showing mysterious brown-haired horse "Chancellor MacKinnon here, I will be stationed in Tórshavri at the Search Control Center. While there, I will also be participating in the investigation into the identity of the mysterious brown-haired horse that was photographed at the scene. I've been told, and these were very preliminary reports, mind you, that the horse may have been a student in Dr. Ken's Veternary Gynocology class. Furthermore, we here at the CCk do not condone Professor-student relationships. It completely violates the strict code of ethics that all members of the CCK strive to live up to.

This mission could last months. So, in the best interests of the CCK, I've decided to appoint a temporary Chancellor to take my place. The man I've chosen is well-known at the CCK's Churchill Campus. He is none other than Shiek Shmike Al-Fayed, the ever-mysterious Bedouin nomad from the white sands of Arabia. I'm sure that Shiek Shmike will dictate the goings-on to the best of his ability. The campus is in your hands, Shmike. Do good!