Errotic Week Festivities Take Precidance Over Medical Practice

A very special report by CCKP reporter Gilroy HumperdinkChurchill, Manitoba (CCKP) -- The CCK, faculty, administration, and student body would like to extend its well-wishes to School Nurse Dr.Ken who will be headed to Otto, Norway as part of an emergency medical mission. You see, next week is "EROTIC WEEK." With that said, I'll hand the reigns over to that wild and cavorting medical practicioner, Dr. "no pun intended" Ken.

Beautiful photo of the S.S. Heartbreak entering Otto harbour HELLO KIDDIES!!!
"I don't want to disapoint and have to leave you my sweet honeysuckles, but yes it's true, I'm off on a tumultuous voyage to the colds of Otto by the way of an 1880 wooden constructed and potash laced steamboat. Upon arrival, I will, to the best of my abilities, offer my special brand of "services." The mayor of Otto has dedicated this week to the slaves of love and has titled it EROTIC WEEK. Now you might be wondering why? Well the good doctor will tell you. Through careful calculation and analysis, it's been determined that if a couple, or man and his beast, procreates within the next 7-10 days they will have the chance of giving birth to a special bundle of joy, a MILLENIUM BABY!!!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, the councillors and residents of Otto have opened up their hearts, souls, and 1-900 emergency sex line bank accounts. Complimentary porn will be screened in the theaters, local hotels will offer free three hour room rentals, and all night baby sitting will be provided to keep existing kiddies occupied; all this in the name of sweet, sweeeeet monkey love.

The mission is simple. All that's needed now is me, some kiddies, and a tub of CCK brand petroleum jelly. Wish me luck! Oh, and by the way, keep that damn monkey out of the labratory. There's no telling what the hairy little bastard will be up to while I'm gone!"

While Dr. Ken is attending to the needs of the lovelorn in Otto, the CCK Medical Facilities will be temporarily taken over and administered by Boo Boo, CCK Assistant School Nurse.