Photo of Big Daddy after the NY Fuzz found him conducting a whore train in Queens BIG DADDY's in da house!!!

Yaaaa, ya folks here what I'm preechin'. I ain't nothin' but a homeboy trying to make a livin'! Holla' if ya here the word Big Daddy speaks! Yesh!, that's the stuff I wanna' hear.

Let's try to set straight what Your Big Daddy is gonna teach here at the CCK. First off, the love of your Big Daddy's life, Whore Train Conducting (Big Daddy will just let ya' read that one for yourself.), Prostitution Marketability, and Famous Celebrity "Stalking" (yet anotha' one of those misinterperatated words Big Daddy's gonna' have to clear up!). The latter two Big Daddy hasn't been able to get around to reportin' on, so please, bear with your Big Daddy.

Enough shilly shaggin'. Let's raise the roof; Big Daddy style!

Ya know, Big Daddy just came back from vacation in gorgeous Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Queerbek. I was checkin' out the fine CCK Regional Training Center. That's where Big Daddy's been posted to teach a minor course in Whore Train Conduction. I also got a chance to check out the whore house across the street. As I made way over there, the prospects of havin' a jolly humpin' time didn't look good; the front wall fell apart and came crashing down when I stepped onto the porchsteps. At first I thought I might have had something to do with it. But little did Big Daddy know that a Tarzan and his Jane were swingin' around on the chandelier and swung onto the wall after collapsing from shear exhaustion. I began to think that maybe this is a hot spot afterall! Afterall, Big Daddy did here some prosperous reports of the place from the ministers down at the chapel.

When I finally made my way in, man oh man, I felt like a little boy in a candy store! Big Daddy certainly wasn't disapionted! I never knew Queerbek whores were that delectable! And ya' can bet your candyass that Big Daddy sampled the sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet sugar! Yesh!!!

Ahhh shit!!, I gotta run. Big Daddy just heard some Long Johns pullin' at his undies!

Till next time, this is Professor Jules Armstrong askin',