The arse end of one Big Daddy's world renowned whore trains.  It's so far back, johnny jon-jons are hoppin' on for the ride. --AAAALL ABOOOAARRRD!!!!!

BIG DADDY is in da house!!!
Ya' know, Big Daddy has been hearin' not so good things about life's oldest profesion lately, (Alright, alright! I suppose the whores deserve some credit too!) make that life's 2nd  oldest profession, WHORE TRAIN CONDUCTING!!!

Yesh! It came to my attention that people aren't just gettin' it. Well let me give it to ya' straight from the the pimp's kisser. As small people want to be known as the horizontally(work with me brother!) challenged, big daddy and his pimpin' coffeedants want to be known as what we really are, Whore Train Conductors!!! Big Daddy's ain't got no reason to be made fun of for being small though. Ain't that some shit if ya ever heard any! Hell no, cause brother, Big Daddy's larger than an elephant's rubber on a hot summer's night!!!

Big Daddy's got yet another beef to be made heard of. From what I and my fellow conductors have been hearin', we Canadian pimps ain't seem to be gettin' no respect! It seems to me that all the news agencies just want to film those dirty dogs down south. Them there Yankee pimps are makin' fun of the reputable business we Canadian Conductors are carrying out. I sure hope them Americans ain't think their reputable; for christ's sake, they operate out of Frigidaire laundry boxes!!!

So let's all join together in puttin' the cherry on top and collectively ask them media mo-goils down in the U S of A, just exactly,

- Jules Armstrong