Props, such as these colobus monkeys, are permitted during the final exam in Village Idiocy. I'll make it short and sweet for you bies. This course is taught by myself, Dickie Dumfry, but the vast majority of the time you won't see me at all. The basic requirement for this course is the study of Shaun Fitzsimmons, so you fellas just gotta follow him around all day and watch what he does. The only time you'll see me is on the first and last day of the semester -- if for some reason you need to get a hold of me, I'm usually either at "The 3-and--Antlered-Wonder Tavern" or "Simian's". If you can't find me at either of these fine establishments, I'd suggest you stop looking; when I'm on a drinking binge I'm harder to find than a Russian prostitute who doesn't have SCAVIES

Yeah, anyhoo, just follow Fitz around for the semester, and your final exam'll be that you gotta act like him for 30 minutes -- it's not as easy as it sounds! Being that fucked-up takes a hell of a lot of energy -- I hear Coach Horowitz recommends "carbo-bulking" for stuff like that... I think that's got something to do with unloading grain elevators, or something... Nutrition isn't my main field of study, you know.

Yep, so there's the basics.

- Dickie Dumfry