The urinal: man's greatest creation? Did you know?
- Only 28% of all the urinals in Canada and the USA are serviced regularly by a urinal cake distributor!
- Of those 28%, only 17% of the urinal cake distributors are experienced professionals!

The degree of Urinal Cake Distribution is a two-year program, which is being offered from the recently-expanded campus in Poverty Beach, PEI, which is the province with the most urinals per capita in eastern Canada!
The first year of the program consists of eight introductory courses in the processes of the urinal, and the specifics of the urinal cake.
The second, and most important year will consist of two sections. The first will be the training of the students to be proficient at the manual side of distributing urinal cakes. The second will be the coup de gras, a half-year work term with dozens of reknowned urinal cake distribution companies.

Many people think that this occupation is "a walk in the park" that any inexperienced bum off the streets could do; however, this statement couldn't be farther from the truth. Just ask any student who has graduated from this course and they'll tell you that urinal cake distribution is a time-consuming and delicate operation that takes many years to attain perfection.

This CCK course is one of the most high-tech courses of its type in all of the free world. It has been estimated that close to 98% of the graduates of this program will find work in six months or less. We like to brag that last year's top student from this course is now running a successful company in New York, which services such esteemed locations as the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center.

And to all the students interested in taking Urinal Cake Distribution next year, remember our motto: "You can't have your cake and pee on it too"!

- William Leakey