Fatuity reigns supreme this Spring Break! Join in the fun April 9th - 18th. It's sure to take complete control over the CCK campus.

Opening up our activities we will have Country Joe McDonald and the Fish in downtown Churchill. If there was ever a night to miss, whatever you do, don't miss this one. It'll be a rockin' good time!

Later on in the week on Tuesday, we will have our anual beach party and nude volleyball tournament. There is required participaction for this event but don't worry, Old Lady Kensington has been barred from the premises. We don't want a repeat from last year when Mavis made an appearance and we ended up having to take eighty-seven people to the emergancy room.

Friday, down at our CCK Training Center in beautiful Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Queerbek, our friends from The Hell's Angels will pay us a visit. Rumour has it Playboy is going to send up a crew to do a shoot on The Spring Fling. CCK Chicks, Biker Babes, and no Old Lady Kensington... I'm excited just thinking about the possibilities!

And on Sunday afternoon, to put a dazzling finish on the week, we will be up in Eskimo Point, Nunavut. There, to coincide with the spring seal harvest, we will play host to a mishmash of games and events catered especially to the likes of our students. Unfortunately, Professor E. Manuel, Head of the Natural Sciences Department and instructor of Baby Pup Seal Clubbing, is off on a Russian Whaling Expedition and will not be able to referee the event. We'll miss ya' Professor Manuel!

So, this Spring Break, be one of the many on campus who guzzle one down in the name of school spirit. We all know the faculty haven't turned down one in their day! Just look at how fine outstanding citizens of the community they turned out to be! To quote Angus Young of AC/DC, this Spring Break, "HAVE A DRINK ON ME!" The critter on the right sure hasn't missed a beat!