Here's one of 'Crusher' Van Nostrem's well trained students dishing out the mazoolah. Me Crusher say Scoolyadr Booling is good!
Scoolyadr Booling is not just for kidss no more, now its gworn-ups who do it to. Learn to make kids cry, to make them ly down in dirt, and to make them give me Crusher toys! Me Crusher like toys!

To learn to booly is not eesy. You have to go to ellm... ellemn... ellemnttrey scools to find kids, but me Crusher no like scools. Cept the CCK. Me Crusher like Chancelore, cause Chancelore give me Crusher toys for that Crusher will teach Scoolyadr Booling! Me Crusher like toys! Me Crusher like Chancelore!

No more rite now... Me Crusher have to go to bed cause Mommy says Crusher has to go to bed, and me Crusher have to lisen to Mommy or else I donet no what will she do...

- "Crusher" Van Nostrem