You won't find out what CRESCO is in there, buddy! You've most likely seen and heard this phrase on both this website and on campus. But have you ever wondered where the name originated from? What's Cresco? And more importantly, what's Kurtivity?

Well, it's not an etched in stone mystery nor a deep dark secret of school administration. To be quite honest, there's not a shred of controversy associated with the name. And to be even more honest, I wouldn't be surprised if you fell asleep while reading this unengaging piece of CCK school literature.

So, in the most brutally honest and boring way I can think of, I give to you the following:

Crescan Corporation -- parent company to the CCK and chief financial supporter. All those
below must answer to Cresco, even his Supreme Unholiness. Ghast!!!

Cresco -- short for the aforementioned.

Kurtivity -- the name bestowed upon the school (formerly known as The Cresco College of Fatuity)
by Cresco in memory of former Co-Chancellor Kurtis Roach, who was uncerimoneously
assassinated March 23rd, 1999.

And there you have it. The mystery, which wasn't really a mystery, is solved.