In this class, inter-family relations are not only accepted, but encouraged as well. Incestuous studies, is taught by a world-renowned expert on the subject, none other than Professor Genoa Bologna (myself). I personally have over 40 years of experience, and a record 13 incestuous relationships under my belt (*ahem*). This topps the previous record held by Grand-Pappy Goler, of Goler Mountain in Nova Scotia, who had 11 (as a result of this shining record, he has been offered a full scholarship at this very campus, however, his pending legal situation takes precidence).

The campus itself has prided itself in offering this specialized course found nowhere else in Italy, or the world, for that matter. The course is special in that you, as well as another member of your immediate family, such as sibling, parent, or aunt/uncle must meet our criteria, which includes a manditory blood testing and DNA analysis to prove your relation to that "special someone". Cousins will be considered, but priority decreases as 'rank' decreases (i.e. 2nd cousin has priority over 3rd, etc.). The program offers such insights as:
  • how to handle the media,
  • developing and nurturing your incestuous relationships,
  • and marriage counselling for those newly-wedded brother and sister.
With hands-on training, and a little help from the professor himself, you too can live a long and happy life of incest with the family members you love the most (and we mean the most).

- Genoa Bologna, Italian campus professor