Vat d'ya vant Vittle Billy to say guys! Vittle Billy is back volks!

I'm here to show you guys how to become a vorld wenowned fwuit undwesser. I vean, come on guys, the vorld can never have enough fwuit undwessers, wight guys?   It doesn't matter either if it's apples, oynges, pears, or undervears. HA! Little Villy made a joke. HA! Yeah, it doesn't matter vat kind of fwuit it is, Vittle Billy just wants to get down and dirty with his vad self.

You know guys, I have to fill you in on something. Dr. Ken, that vestegial doctor and jack of all trades, is the one who taught me how to undwess my fwiut. You know, I alveady told you I used to be a cwazed fwuit undwesser until he helped me. Fwum the way he showed me how to stwoke it to the east, and stwoke it to the west, and peel down that vonderous and sometime zesty layer of skin, and then getting to ther juicy center.............oh boy..............Vittle Billy needs a paramedic mover over here. Help!

- Billy Schtalenkov