Frenchette. International Whore to the rich and famous. Ah yesh, Big Daddy is back!

Now let's take a looksy as to what your Daddy can offer up in this course. How can I educate you fine folks on the art of Famous Celebrity Stalking. Hmmmmnnnnnn.......... I know! Let's get right to the point and show you our "class project", so to speak. She comes all the way from the luxurious common bawdy houses of the French Rivierra, let's raise the roof Big Daddy style for, Frenchette, our own French whore!!!!

Frenchette is here to show you all the tricks of the trade celebrities use to guard against "intruders." (Where's Lionel K. when you need him?)   Anyway, she knows what she's jackin' about; Frenchette was "intruded upon", a.k.a. bound & gagged, an astounding 94 times! And along with teachin' ya inside secrets, Frenchette will show ya how to defend your dirty ass self if for some reason ya come come in contact with the celebrity in questionato.
Ladies, gentlemen and their whores, I present to you, Frenchette, 3rd degree black belt Kung-fu fighting superstar!

Harvey shows us the bat he used to break into Frenchette's pad.  Is it just me or is that bastard givin' you the heebe geebees too? Now before you jump on the whore train nearest you, there best be somethin' to know first. You must enter a screening process prior to taking this course. It's nothing against you personally. It's just that, well, at the end of the course, your Big Daddy has to return Frenchette in the same condition as she was when recieved -anorexic and snortin' crack.

See, one of our students from last year, Harvey, went a little too far and actually tried to stalk Frenchette!   Said he wanted to take her her on some sort of seal clubbing expedition. Now how is she gonna support a crack habbit in the frozen arctic? Huh? Personally, your Daddy ain't got a f*ckin' clue! But hey, if ya do, here's three words to keep in mind while you're thinkin' it over,


- Jules Armstrong