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Since the debut of our website, the Cresco College of Kurtivity has literally recieved thousands of applications from across the country requesting the privaledge to attend our great school. Unfortunately, The Registrar at the CCK informed us that enrollment at our home base in Churchill, Manitoba had already been filled to capacity and could not sustain anymore students.

To locate the CCK Regional Training Center closest to you, simply place the mouse cursor on the map and click on the province of your liking. Quite obviously, we did not want to have to turn down these berieved students. We did however realize that an announcement would have to be made concerning this dilemma. Several days went by and a lot of sweat was shed but a decision by our faculty was finally reached. There was only one way to handle this problem. EXPANSION!

Twelve brand spanking new CCK Regional Training Centers are currently under construction. Each of these centers will focus primarily on one particular field of study. But along with the specific field of study that is proposed, a slew of top notch "classic" courses will be oferered such as Urinal Cake Distribution, Professional Thumb Wrestling, and Baby Seal Pup Clubbing.

For example, in beautiful Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Queerbek the chosen avenue of study will be the all important "Illegal" Cigarette Trade. Here, you will learn the finer points of how to capitalize on the weaknesses of the Canadian dollar in relation to tobacco and tobacco related products, the topographical layout of the region's tributary and river systems, and the harebrained ideas put forth to defeating this "problem" by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So, without further adieu, we present to you the twelve new Regional Training Centers of the CCK. Enjoy!

(To locate the CCK Regional Training Center closest to you, simply place the mouse cursor on the map above and click on the province of your liking. When you find yourself on a regional campus's page, place the cursor on the town name to view a map of the province.)
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