One of Professor E. Manual's trusty students doing an internal examination of cow number 42771-A (AKA 'Daisy 17') Hello Boys and Girls, and Greetings from the North Sea!

Well, boys and girls, after a harrowing episode which you can read about here, I have managed to get in touch with the CCK from my position here on this lonely Russian whaling vessel. I'm afraid that my strength has been sapped by the previous night's adventure, and I apologize for the brevity of this write-up.

Well, what do I have to say about Bovine Gastro-Intestinology? First off, let me clear up some common misconceptions about this field of study. First of all, "Bovine", for those who don't know, means "Cow", and "Gastro-Intestine" means "stomach and other guts". There you go.

I suppose the most important thing to know before you sign up for this course is that Veteranary Proctology is a prerequisite. I'll guarantee you thatfor at least 90% of the time you spend in this course, you'll have your hand(s) up a cow's "rectal area". If you don't know where that is, go look at the south end of a cow facing north. The other 10% of class time will be spent taking notes, driving to and from the massive on-campus dairy farm (also known as the cow-lloseum), and trying to keep Professor Jamson off the property. The use of deadly force is permitted.

More will be added to this page as time permits it.


E. Manuel