It's rumoured that losers of this game have been used as bait for love sick organtuins. Welcome to ORGANTUIN country; home of the brave and weak-at-heart. The land where men are men, and women, well, in the kitchen where they're supposed to be.

But let's cut right to the chesse. Your primary goal here is to study the wild organtuin. Just recently certified discovered this past spring, the mighty goliath has yet to be seen since. Your mission is simple -- track the basterdous beast down, dammit! Forget about enrolling in any other course; until we catch the son-of-a-bitch no other program will be taught. That means all your efforts will be utilized in the hunt. So if you came here to get a little log rolling under your belt, I suggest you stay home and keep your ass put. The only game we'll be playing is to see who gets the first crack at tranquilizing the prick.

All those in ageement start packing your bags; as for the rest of you, go pick up your stomachs back where you checked in. Like I said, welcome to Organtuin country, home of the weak-at-heart.
Muncho Lake, British Columbia