Will Aidan EVER regain his youthful appearance? Is it just me, or is the geriatric wing at the CCK expanding at an alarming rate? I hate when people think I'm an old fogey like Seth. I may have the body of a Seth, but I certainly don't act like a Seth, or think like a Seth I'll prove it, read this:

Little Timmy has been choir boy now for some time. Lately though, he's been complaining to his mother -- his throat hurts. When his mother asked me if we should cut down on practices, I said of course not! I responded to the criticism by telling her his throat 's been sore 'cause he's been swallowing things left and right.

Why, just last night, I saw him with a sausage in his mouth. It was quite obvious he didn't like it, so I told to slow down. 'Said "you don't have to swallow everytime something goes in your mouth just 'cause you may not like the taste or feel of it -- spit some stuff out every now and then."

So anyway, his mother and I came to a happy medium. Instead of practice 7 days a week it's down to five, and instead of Timmy coming out to the mortuary every day, I'll go over to their place on an alternating schedule. His mother said it'll save on baysitting bills -- so of course I agreed to that.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Timmy comes over here. Tuesdays and Thursdays I come on over there A happy medium in the purest sense of the word, don't you agree? I'll come over there and Timmy will come over here. It makes the word 'perfect' seem like an understatement.

Now I ask you, what kind of supposed old fart acts like this? How many Pastor's-in-training can you think of who would come all the way to a house out in a secluded wood? Huh, how many? I thought so.

Rest in peace, my brothers and sisters.